What if life could be exactly how you imagine it?

Freedom & Experience

I help woman see a different perspective than the one they’ve been conditioned to see, unlearn the conditioning, become truer to themselves, utilize their strength and get paid for who they are being.

This paradigm that we' were taught is wrong and there’s a better way. I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur, I make decisions based on lifestyle, inner peace, happiness and fulfillment not on profit.

This is me. 

I aligned with businesses that are good for me, for you and for the planet. I’m constantly growing and reflecting on how I can become a better human being, not how much I can profit. Every decision being an opportunity of growth and evolution, one that I will be invested in for a lifetime.

Imagine this for a moment.

Imagine being paid hundreds to thousands of dollars per sale being paid just to become a better human being. Never having to pick up the phone or writing spamy messages.

Imagine being able to learn your strength and gifts to better the people around you, while you create your own economy (becoming free of any system).

Imagine investing in yourself, seeing yourself as someone who is guaranteed to get better over time; creating limitless, exponential and untethered growth for a lifetime. No one can ever take away from you

Imagine having access to incredible leaders to teach you the ins and outs of working online, without paying $20,000+ for their mentorship

Imagine having not only the financial freedom to afford the life of your dreams, but the TIME FREEDOM to actually enjoy it



Hello loves, I’m Stephanie

Over 6 year’s I’ve tried being an entrepreneur; direct selling, travel Agent, Life Coach, product creator & Network Marketer... I was always “ hustling” my way to freedom when I realized I was on a never ending hamster wheel.

Can you relate?

I wanted to create an business with ease, flow, and inner peace (and was always told that that wasn’t the way). Letting go of the hustle, overwhelm and confusion... I finally landed on a different way.

Steph xo

Conscious & Sustainable Living

During this 4 day Conscious & Sustainable Living Course, we're not expecting you to become completely zero waste and chemical free.

Our aim is simply to help you become more AWARE and to slowly make progress towards a low-tox approach to daily life.

We want to make this course as practical and implementable as possible.

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